Business Members

The Drake Neighborhood is home to a wide variety of businesses including restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, specialty food stores, music and theater venues, guitar shops, recording studios, salons, and art supply stores. Businesses that become members and sponsors of the Drake Neighborhood Association show their support of the local community, help our all-volunteer association carry out events and activities, and get their business name circulating among the people most likely to patronize their businesses: those who live in the neighborhood.

2017 Business Members

Cottage Grove Church
1050 24th St.
Proud neighbor and host of Drake Neighborhood Association meetings.
Des Moines Community Playhouse
 831 42nd St.
Proud neighbor and sponsor of Free Flicks at Witmer Park.


For more information about becoming a DNA business member, sponsoring DNA events, and having your information listed here and in other neighborhood publications, please contact DNA board member Amy Clark.