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This committee helps make our neighborhood look its best by creating garden spaces, cleaning up trashy areas, weeding and supporting neighbors who want to develop garden spaces of their own. We also handle all the orders and delivery of the free annuals the parks department grows every year for all the cities neighborhoods to plant on city property.  We need your help to plant and maintain flower beds and plantings throughout the growing season.  DNA plantings include the Kingman Blvd plantings and the Memorial Garden at 25th and Cottage Grove.

Also we help improve the quality/safety of the neighborhood parks. We have worked on ways to improve the physical look of the parks with signage, lighting, landscaping and equipment to developing ways to make the parks a destination for multiple types of recreation.

We have also developed concepts to make the neighborhood more bike friendly. We want to work with the city to help implement their bike trail plan that was approved this year and will create and identify the best ways to bike through the neighborhood with certain streets designated as bike lanes, boulevards or trails.