The Beautification Committee helps make our neighborhood look its best by creating and maintaining garden spaces and plantings in public rights-of-way, cleaning up trash, weeding, and supporting neighbors who want to develop garden spaces of their own. We handle orders and delivery of free annuals the city Parks Department grows every year for all the city's neighborhoods to plant on city property.

We are volunteers who organize other volunteers (like you!) to help plant and maintain flower beds and plantings throughout the growing season, including the flowers in the medians along Kingman Boulevard and at Michael's Garden, the triangular garden at 25th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue.

We also help to improve the quality and safety of neighborhood parks. We have worked to improve the physical look of the parks with signage, lighting, landscaping, equipment, and fruit tree plantings, and have helped make the parks a destination for multiple types of recreation.

Want to help? Contact Lori Calhoun.