Welcome to your Public Input Survey

Overall what brings you to the Drake Neighborhood? (Check all that apply)
Overall considering everything, how satisfied would you say you are living, working, or shopping in the Drake Neighborhood?
What neighborhood services are the most important to you? (Please check three)

What are the biggest opportunities for improvement for the Drake Neighborhood? (Please check three)

What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time? (Check all that apply)

Select the ways below you would be willing to participate in the Drake neighborhood:

How long have you lived in the neighborhood?
What part of the neighborhood do you live in or near?
Do you currently rent or own your home?
What is your age?
Where are you from originally?
Are you aware of the Drake Neighborhood Association (DNA)?
Have you participated in any of the neighborhood events?  (Check all that apply)

How do you find out about neighborhood activities? (Check all that apply)

If you could pick one thing the Drake Neighborhood Association could do for the neighborhood, it would be:

The Drake Neighborhood Association is looking for a “Slogan/Catch Phrase” for the neighborhood. We would love your thoughts! If you have any suggestions, please note them below!

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